Friday, February 26, 2010

Designer Darling Contest Update

If you're anything like me (and have been hanging around here at all!), you're probably anxiously awaiting the results from Stuff to Scrap's Designer Darling Contest. The contest has been a blast and Stuff to Scrap has offered store positions to the top designer(s) from the competition. The BIG reveal is coming March 1st and they are kicking it off with a Meet & Greet Day in the NEW chat room. Complete with prizes and fun, it should be a blast! I know I plan on popping in.

And did you catch the part about the *new* chat room? Well, that's not the only thing new. Stuff to Scrap has updated and improved features in the forum and the gallery. You will have to re-register, but the changes are AWESOME! Hope to see you there!

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Potty Time! Add On

Here's a freebie Add-On to my final entry in the Designer Darling Contest over at Stuff to Scrap. If you like the kit, please consider voting for me!

Also, don't forget to download all of the other contest submissions. See the previous post for direct links for each week!

And here is today's freebie!

Download Links now EXPIRED.

Click here to purchase the full kit in my store.

Thanks and enjoy your weekend!

Don't Forget to Download!

Have you been enjoying all the *FREE* kits and minis from the Stuff to Scrap Designer Darling Competition? If you've missed any downloads now is your last chance to catch them all. All of the kits will remain free until the end of the competition (which could come as early as SUNDAY!) and after that individual designers are free to do as they wish with them. There are some seriously talented designers involved and beautiful kits up for head on over to Stuff to Scrap and get downloading!

And just to help you out, here's a list of each of my kits that are available and link to forum location where you can download these little gems!
(NOTE: This is a direct link to all of the designer's submissions for the given week. You will be prompted to sign-in/register to gain access to the forum)

Round 1: Go-Lucky Grape Mini

Round 2: Girls Night Out Mini


Round 3: Summer Love Mini

Round 4: Tool Time CU Pack

And of course..
Final Round: It's Potty Time! Full Kit

**Link EXPIRED**
Click here to purchase this kit in my store.

And don't forget to scroll through past posts (or use the "STS Designer Darling" label on the sidebar) to snag all the free add-ons and extras that go with each kit!

Happy downloading!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Final Round: It's Potty Time! Kit

As I mentioned before, our final challenge for the Designer Darling Competition over at Stuff to Scrap was to create a full size kit! Whew!

My big inspiration for this kit was my little soon-to-be-two-year-old. Her birthday is next week and I can't believe how much she's grown up. Part of her presents from mommy and daddy this year are her very own little potty, cool Sesame Street underwear, and an Elmo goes potty video. (Yeah, we're big Sesame Street fans around here!) We haven't started potty training quite yet, but wanted to get her excited about this BIG step in her little life. I started looking online for cute potty training kits (because you KNOW I'll be taking pictures!) and was surprised that there weren't many available. So I bring to you...

It's Potty Time!
12 papers and 29 unique elements (33 total) to capture all your potty training moments. Complete with a variety of potty rewards and boy and girl themed elements, this is kit meant to capture the FUN and excitement of learning to be a BIG KID!

You can download this kit *FREE* by heading over to Stuff to Scrap. And hurry, all of the Competition downloads expire when the contest ends!

**Download link EXPIRED**
(NOTE: This is a direct link to all of the designers final entries. You will be prompted to sign-in/register before gaining access.)

CLICK HERE to purchase this kit in my store.

Also, please leave me a comment if you like the kit or have any suggestions. Don't tell..... but this is actually my first-ever full-size kit, (eeek!) so I NEED your feedback! :) Thanks!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Photo Editing Tutorial

Amanda (of has a new photo editing tutorial up on her blog. It's a GREAT intro to getting the most out of your photos using layers and actions in Photoshop. Photo editing is originally what got me hooked on Photoshop (it is SO addicting) and I'm always on the look out for new tutorials and ideas. Her write-up is beginner geared, but very informative. I even learned something new! Go HERE to check out the great tutorial.

She's is also the creator of all the ROCKIN' fonts over at Fonts for Peas. Check out the link at the top of her blog while you are there!

Disclaimer: I am not representing in anyway. I just love the site and thought I'd pass the word along! :)

And keep hanging on for my final entry in the Designer Darling contest! I'm polishing off the final elements of my new full kit today and should have it ready to go soon!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Just wanted to announce that I have made it to the FINAL ROUND of the Designer Darling Competition at Stuff to Scrap! Yay! Thank you all so much for your votes and support!

For the final challenge we will each be creating a full size kit! I'll be nailing down my theme/colors in the next day or so, BUT if you have any ideas or suggestions I'd love to hear them! The final kit will be posted next week, so be sure to check back.

Thanks again!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tool Time Freebie Sampler

Week 4 is wrapping up over in the Stuff to Scrap Designer Darling Contest. This week we face some fierce eliminations so I would appreciate your vote if you enjoy my products! Just a few links... :)
Voting is now CLOSED. Thanks everyone!
(NOTE: You will be prompted to sign-in/register before downloading or voting.)

Like I mentioned in the last post, good male-themed kits and pages can be a little tricky. So in addition to the 3 FREE CU items I have available I've made a kit sampler as well. Combine the two together and you're will on your way to scrapping those hard-working men in your life.



Round 4: Tool Time CU Freebies

For these week's challenge we were asked to create our own designer resources. Our task was to photograph or scan three items and extract them for future use. We will be judged on the quality of our elements and extractions, as well as the uniqueness and usability of our products.

For me, one of the hardest things to scrap and design are male layouts and kits. There just never seem to be enough male-oriented elements floating around. So that's exactly what I decided to create! I introduce to you....

Tool Time!
These three items straight from Daddy's toolbox will make the perfect addition to any manly page or kit. Free for both Personal and Commercial use.

Once again the download links are located in the Stuff to Scrap forum. Hop on over there to snag my entry as well as browse the other designers products.

(NOTE: This is a direct link to all of the designers entries and download links. You will be prompted to sign-in/register before gaining access.)

And of course, check back this weekend for an additional freebie related to this entry!