Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October Blog Train: Afternoon Delight

Choo Choo! I'm so excited to be participating in my very first blog train! I've always admired all the amazing designers out there (and maybe secretly hoped to be one someday). I have followed the Stuff to Scrap blog train before and decided on a whim one day to jump in! I've never designed any scrapbook items before so this was a stretch for me. I founds some great tutorials online and started trying different things. I'm not going to lie it was a lot of work and I have a whole new admiration for designers that put together whole kits all the time! I was able to come up with some RicRacs and Fuzzy Fibers that looked pretty decent. :) Hope you can use them! Leave some comments and let me know what you think!

Download the RicRac set HERE
Download the Solid Fibers HERE
Download the Mixed Fibers HERE

And here are the links to the rest of the Train! Have fun and don't forget to leave some love along the way!

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Speed Scrapping

Have you ever tried it?! I'm going to admit I've only done it twice and we definitely have a love/hate relationship going on. For one, it's great because I'm a little motivated to actually get some scrapping done (amazing what a time limit and a prize will do!). However, when it comes to putting my pages together I've been known to spend WAY to long debating and tweeking and playing and debating some more. I don't know that I DARE tell you how long I can spend on just picking the photos and papers. In speed scrapping you get 10 minutes to perform each step. Just 10 minutes. That's torture! But I love it. hehe Here's my last Speed Scrap layout.

If you haven't tried Speed Scrapping yet Stuff to Scrap is hosting one Monday, September 28th at 1pm MST (12p PST, 2p CST, 3p EST). Just join the Stuff to Scrap forum and log in to the chat section just before the scheduled time. You'll get 7 steps to completing your layout (one every ten minutes) and then have one additional hour to get everything polished and posted online. Hope to see you there!

Special thanks to Scrappin Cop, Gunhild, DigiDesigns by Nicole, Grandma's Templates, Summer Driggs, Maurine Stettler, & Shabby Princess whose elements and products were used in my layout. :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sick Day

I've been having a sick day...or couple of days. Blah! Darn colds are starting early this year. I guess it's a been a good excuse to hunker down and sort and maybe, possibly USE all of these digital scrapbooking supplies I've been collecting. I always seem to spend all my time downloading new goodies and have neglecting to get any actual scrapbooking done. (Anyone else have this problem??) hehe And now, in the midst of all that, I'm considering actually designing something for the Stuff to Scrap Blog Train. My daughter is going stir crazy from being cooped up with a sick mommy all day, my house is a disaster, and... I think I'm going to try designing something I've never done before that hundreds of people will see. Crazy...yes. Must be the medicine. Bolstering my courage or something. hehe We'll see if I can get something together in time... or if I just end up face down at my desk, drooling on my keyboard. Regarless, I know I'll be making my rounds Oct. 1 to download all the goodies that will be on the Train! :)