Monday, October 4, 2010

Fun Fact Winner!

Time to reveal the answer to Monday's Fun Fact and give away our final $3 coupon. Here's last week's question...

Which of the following is NOT TRUE.
a) I HATE feet. I think they are ugly and gross. :P
b) My big toe on my right foot is slightly crooked from breaking it as a kid.
c) I rub my feet together as I am falling asleep every night.
d) All of these are true.

B is False. I've actually never broken anything. Which means I DO do weird things like rub my feet together at night and despise feet in general. bleh. hehe :)

Only a few of you guessed B. I guess it sounded too normal! hehe This week's winner is ....
Kara D!
Email me at clittleford3(at)gmail(dot)com to claim your prize!

Thanks for playing all month!
And don't forget to join me later this afternoon in the STS forum where I'm hosting a Speed Scrap today!

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