Friday, September 18, 2009

Sick Day

I've been having a sick day...or couple of days. Blah! Darn colds are starting early this year. I guess it's a been a good excuse to hunker down and sort and maybe, possibly USE all of these digital scrapbooking supplies I've been collecting. I always seem to spend all my time downloading new goodies and have neglecting to get any actual scrapbooking done. (Anyone else have this problem??) hehe And now, in the midst of all that, I'm considering actually designing something for the Stuff to Scrap Blog Train. My daughter is going stir crazy from being cooped up with a sick mommy all day, my house is a disaster, and... I think I'm going to try designing something I've never done before that hundreds of people will see. Crazy...yes. Must be the medicine. Bolstering my courage or something. hehe We'll see if I can get something together in time... or if I just end up face down at my desk, drooling on my keyboard. Regarless, I know I'll be making my rounds Oct. 1 to download all the goodies that will be on the Train! :)

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