Monday, April 5, 2010

We've Moved!

I'm glad to announce we have survived the BIG move! hehe In all reality, it wasn't really that big of a move. My husband and I counted last night... we've moved 7 times in the 5 years we've been married. Crazy. We have this moving thing down pretty well, so, by all means, a move across town was no nightmare. The difference this time is that we OWN our new place. The carpet, the kitchen, the stairs are all OURS! And THAT is pretty big news to us! The second difference is that we now have a 2 year-old and moving with a toddler is a whole new adventure. She loves "new house" and cheers each time we pull into the subdivision. She also loves those stairs and has already taken her first tumble down them. (Talk about a heart-attack for mom!)

There's only been one notable casualty, aside from Miss Ash's tumble, so far in our move. My finger.
That's right my poor index finger. haha I was unpacking my little heart out yesterday and put a big nasty cut right across the end of it. Ouch! Now, normally this would NOT be a big deal at all (in fact, my husband would probably roll his eyes if he knew I was blogging about it!). I like to think I'm tough (sort of) and I get cuts and scrapes and bruises all the time. But I'm right-handed and everything is harder when your right index finger isn't working. It is also, as I realized today, interfering with some very important business. You see, I work and design on a laptop. We don't have an extra mouse and so I use the nice little touch pad on the key area to do ALL my designing. It takes some focus, but I've gotten pretty good and moving my finger just so to create, design, and extract. However, the touch pad DOES NOT work if you have a band-aid on! Bah! I have resorted to using other fingers to click and drag so that I can be somewhat functional, but real designing (unfortunately) will just have to wait until the precision of my right index finger can return. :) Bummer! I've been DYING to get back to work on my next kit! Packing, moving, and now unpacking has really put a limit on my computer time. I'm hopeful to release it in the next 2-3 weeks and I'm so excited to see it completed. It has literally kept me up at night this last week! hehe

Until then I have this waiting for me.....

Man, and you'd think after moving 7 times we'd have learned to de-clutter a little more! Wish me luck!

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